Annual Alone Time

This morning–at the ungodly hour of 4:45 am–Avery left for his yearly trip to Washington, DC with the 6th grade class at his school.

Now I love my sweetie, and I will miss him this week. But I also love my me-time. It gives my introverted self a chance to recharge and relax. I confess, I have been looking forward to this week.

I found myself strangely productive today–cleaning, doing tasks I’ve been meaning to do for a while now–in between bouts of complete, luxurious veg time. I realize that cleaning kitchen counters and washing dishes in between online-time might not be everyone’s idea of a fun Saturday, but I found it wonderful.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Borderland Bookstore for an author event, next weekend I might go to MakerFaire. But today, today I barely stepped foot outside of the house. Please note the “barely”: I did go outside.

More than once.

Just not for very long.

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