CMC South Presentation


For those who are interested.


If Scribd doesn’t work for you:

Telling Stories Teaching Math CMC South 2013

9 thoughts on “CMC South Presentation

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  3. Great presentation – thanks for posting! Your method looks really interesting to try out. I was wondering if you could post .ppt versions of slides #20 and #21 as those didn’t seem to render correctly as .pdfs and they contain your example story/problems. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  4. I really enjoyed reading through your presentation. My experience is in physics classrooms, where lots of the problems are essentially word problems with some real-world context. However, I think they fall short of being stories, and it might be that our attempts to connect to the real-world in this way doesn’t really add much to the student’s experience.

    So I’d like to understand this idea of teaching with stories better. Can you point me to a specific example of a story in a math class? In particular, I’d like to understand how to work the ‘dramatic arc’ in.

    Also, how is the response from the students? The background in your presentation provided good motivation, but do they learn math better with the stories? Is there any problem with transfer of knowledge to new contexts?

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