Mini Feltron Project

I can’t remember who recently posted a link to Dan Meyer’s Mini Feltron post from ancient legend and lore, but THANK YOU, whomever you are. The reminder came at exactly the time I was thinking about ways to wrap up the data summary “unit” we almost didn’t have time for. [the pacing this trimester…it didn’t go so well…]

But then, there it was. We had a four-day weekend ahead of us and I decided to just go for it. I threw together this description,

and students collected their data over President’s Day weekend.

When we got back the next week, every single student had done the assignment–including the student who had been absent the Friday before. Totally a-MAY-zing!

I showed them around and let them loose to find some visual displays that were interesting and that told the story of their data clearly and in a compelling way. They delivered.


Most students took screenshots of their infographics and printed them out. Many are displayed on the bulletin board outside our classroom. Some made posters; others published them to and sent me the links.

IMG_1635One girl brought us a cake and used sprinkles to mark out the segments of her pie chart. And one girl asked me if “it would be okay” if she created a blog.

Umm. Let me think about that one for a second… Heck Yeah!

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