Week Ten–A Day Late…


Howdy All,

Did you think I’d forgotten to post about last week? Well, sorry to burst your bubble–or rather, happy to give you the goods!

Last week was a little odd. First we had Halloween. I got observed on Monday too. That was fun–no, really; it was! I mean, it’s not every day you get video-taped wearing a chef costume with a banana sitting in the shot. 🙂 And I did great. My students are awesome. ❤

Then, on November 1, our school had a PD day (genius move, btw). Then, I took a personal day on Friday to fly to Palm Springs for the CMC-South conference. The added stress of packing for a trip (with a baby) on top of planning for a sub day (even though I was just giving a test in most classes) was crazy-ville. Also, not a whole lot of school days in there, in case you didn’t catch on.

It was Mara’s first trip to go to a conference–though it wasn’t her first conference. She attended part of the Desmos pre-conference and ShadowCon last year at NCTM. She was a bit more alert this time for her first Ignite session.

Poor child. This is her life for the next 18 years.

Okay, okay…at some point we may let her stay home. We’re not monsters.

Though according to Patrick Callahan, we are going to hell.

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