Week Six–Freshman Conferences

So, this week was a short week–only two days of classes–due to our annual round of freshman conferences. This year I have freshman advisees, so I was on the hook for 8 conferences, plus one for my lone 9th grader in Math 3A. There’s this strange balance between number of conferences versus number of comments to write which is totally thrown off when you have freshman advisees and (practically) no freshman students. Basically, I have to write comments for all of my students *and* I had to take the time to go to these 9 different conferences. Having a small set of conferences gave me time during the day to get started on writing comments and to do all of my grading, but I was much less productive over Thursday and Friday, not to mention Wednesday, which was a work-day, than I typically am.

I blame Mara.


I stayed home on Wednesday, though I did have childcare in the morning, which allowed me to do a bunch of grading. But my goal of doing all of my comments for Topology–a class of only 5 students–was stymied by doing such important tasks as: going to the park, making chicken stock, washing all of the dishes. Okay, so only one of those chores was really Mara’s fault.

During the day on Thursday and Friday I went into work from 9 to 2:30 both days. I had quite a bit of free hours on Thursday, not so many on Friday. But this pumping thing, it eats up quite a bit of time…

I was able to finish my grading (and Topology comments) on Thursday. On Friday I wrote a few more comments, but I went off campus during my lunch break to attend a breastfeeding support group I used to go to regularly. That was fun; wish I could have taken Mara.

The upshot to all of this is, I have been writing comments today and have one more class-worth of comments to write tomorrow. And I suppose I should figure out what the heck I’m doing for my classes on Monday at some point.


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