Week Three — BTSN

The major event of the week this week was Back To School Night. It’s funny how a 45 minute event (longer if you include passing periods, even longer if you *ahem* came on time *ahem*–hey, I showed up for my blocks, that’s what matters!) can take over the mental space available for an entire week. This year there was the added complexity of needing to drive home after school got out, feed the baby, and then drive back to school before my blocks began [see note above about arriving on time].

I know lots of teachers–some of them my amazing colleagues–complain about BTSN, and on occasion I feel grumpy about it too. But for this week’s post I am going to reflect on all the things I am grateful for about BTSN:

  • For some reason, I really like the abbreviation BTSN. 🙂
  • That moment when you meet a student’s parent(s) and you go “OH! I totally get why such and so does that thing now.” [In your head, obvi.]
  • Seeing parents do the first math lesson they’ve done in [insert large number] years.
  • Whatever activity I throw at parents–in one class this year it was learning about radians!–at least some are ready and eager to engage, even though it’s 7:30 at night.
  • Getting to introduce grow-ups to the cool things that happen when you play around with Möbius strips and hearing them audibly say “neat!”, “whoa!” and the like.
  • Parents who just want to meet you and shake your hand and tell you that they’re Stu’s mom/dad.
  • Getting to see parents of students you’ve had before again!
  • Parents who ask you “how’s your baby doing?” ❤

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