Week One

Hello, Strangers!

It’s been a long while since I have updated this blog. Something which I have many reasonable excuses for (see below for the cutest one). However, this is something which I would like to change this year.


While I can’t possibly wrap my head around the idea of doing a daily blog, like Justin, or even around blogging every day for a month, like Anne, I want to make a small commitment. And so I have decided that this school year I will blog each week. Probably on the weekend, probably during someone’s nap time. It might be short, it might be long. I don’t know yet.

There will probably be talk about parenting, certainly infinitely more about that than in previous postings! It is kind of big deal, after all, becoming a parent who teaches. I’m not sure yet how teaching fits into my new role of being a mom, and how being a mom fits into my old role of teaching. It’s only been one week back in the classroom so far.

Speaking of that week, it was…tiring. Every beginning of the school year is tiring, though this is the first year I’ve been getting up every night in the wee early hours of the morning to feed a baby. The start-up felt more clunky than usual this time around. It’s been half of a year since I was last in the classroom, and I haven’t gotten my sea-legs back yet.

I had a moment midway through the week where the thought crossed my mind, “I’m not having fun yet.” And I had to remind myself that I always feel this way during the first week–I don’t know these kids yet and I miss being on summer break. It’s hard work and I haven’t gotten back into the swing of things.

But despite this, I feel like I had a solid first week. I absolutely love my new batch of freshman advisees. They talk to each other! From the first moments of orientation!! My last group took about a year and a half to start having conversations. This is so much easier. Plus, we have a snack rotation already in place–score!

I’m teaching two preps, one of which is Topology. I got an email Friday afternoon that my new doughnut coffee mug has arrived. topology mugVery exciting. Topology is a class of only five students, which can be either totally awesome, or a complete failure depending on how the group meshes. And I can tell they are all willing to dive in and talk about big ideas. I broke them up into two groups at one point to discuss a problem and they kind of half-heartedly did so until I asked them whether they would rather just talk in the whole group. “Yes!” they responded. And so we did, and shall. We’re using Shape of Space as our primary text and reading selections from Flatland. I’m trying to channel Sam’s book group.

My other class is an integrated math class, mainly sophomores but with a few juniors who I last had in math 1 their freshman year as well as one freshman. We started off with one of Dan’s textbook makeover problems, the one with the dock ramp going up and down with the tide. Our goal was to do an informal assessment of what students remembered from their trig unit the previous year. Turns out they remember bits and pieces of information, but they don’t have it put together in any meaningful way. Some of them remember the definitions of sine, cosine and tangent in relation to the unit circle (which was the definition they were taught), but none of them have an idea of why that definition is meaningful. So that’s my goal for the next few weeks. I started by going back to triangles–justifying this because the word trigonometry means triangle-measure–and then connecting the triangles to the unit circle. I feel like it’s starting to gel a little for some of them. We’ll keep working on it next week.

Oh, and thank goodness we have a three day weekend! More time to spend with this amazing person.


One thought on “Week One

  1. Your donut / mug cracked me up.

    I remember up in the night (twice a night) and teaching in the daytime. I left my son at daycare until after I had taken my daily nap. That helped me survive. (Now it turns out that, as hard as that was, it’s harder now, with a troubled 14-year-old. Then it was like a marathon. This is less physically challenging, and challenges me more emotionally. I have grown.)

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