They’re Baaack!

The hexagons, that is.

Though, as it turns out, they didn’t stick around for long..

You see at Morning Meeting today our mindfulness teacher gave an adorable metaphor for bringing your awareness back to the present moment. She explained that our thoughts are like puppies: you take them home and you love them and care for them, but then–when you open the door–they run away and you have to chase after them, hug them and bring them back inside.

I’d already been thinking that I was going to have my students “Adopt A Hexagon” and this allowed me to take that idea to the next level. I told them that, just like the puppies at Morning Meeting, their hexagons had run out the door and they needed to create “Missing Hexagon” posters to put up around the school so their hexagons could get reunited with them.

After they’d gotten just about finished I upped the ante by letting them know that the local news station had decided to give them airtime to make an announcement about their missing hexagon, but due to scheduling requirements they only had 10 seconds to make their plea. Therefore, they needed to condense their description down to the one essential criteria of their hexagon.

It was lovely.

As you can see from their lovely posters.

.Hexagons Benz Hexagons Chrystiee Hexagons Ciri Hexagons Foxxi Hexagons Precious

One thought on “They’re Baaack!

  1. Hello. My name is Reem and I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan studying to be a high school math teacher. Your posts are very entertaining, thoughtful and a pleasure to read. I was required to post about a blog that I came across for one of my classes. This is definitely one that I will write about because your lesson was so engaging for the students. I think it’s a great way to get students thinking about concise ways to write definitions. That’s what it seemed like you were aiming at.

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