Back to School Night

Last night was Back to School night at my institution. So, of course I woke up with a sore throat. Gotta love the impeccable timing of viruses (viri?).

For some reason I can never seem to find a BTSN plan that works and then stick with it. Every year it’s the same thing: start from scratch and do something completely new. Why I spend so long each and every year planning for an event that lasts 15 minutes is a mystery. Something in me must enjoy it deep down in the dark inner recesses of my being.

I tend to go back and forth between making parents do an activity and just talking at them non-stop for the whole time. [Look at that! Guess we won’t have any time for questions after all. Sorry.]

This year was a “doing” year. And it went really well. I had parents do the Trains problem.

And not only did I have them do fun math, but get this: I showed pictures of their students doing the exact same activity on the projector while they were working. Oh yeah, I am good.

For my one section of math 1, I decided to introduce parents to the Interactive Notebook. I did this by making them construct their own INB demo which were all about INB’s.

Turns out this was the one group of parents who didn’t bring pencils with them to class, so other than the cutting and gluing there wasn’t much substance to their INB’s, but I think they heard my spiel about brain research and note-taking. It was the end of a very long day after all.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even do these activities again next year!

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