Day One

I’m exhausted, y’all.

I almost hit publish then, but I’ll push through.

Tuesdays are my hardest days, schedule-wise. Three blocks back to back with no break until lunch at 12:10 (even later today because of first-day special schedule). It’s been go-go-go!

I launched my math 1 students’ INB’s which was cool. I think I would spread it out over two steps when I do it again next trimester. I wanted them to do our River Crossing problem first and then set up the INBs. But it would have been better to set up the INBs first, do the River Crossing problem and then glue that into the INB at the end of class. Oh well. Now I know. I used Cheesemonkeysf’s amazing INB intro activity and threatened them with a quiz tomorrow. Got to follow in the footsteps of the masters after all.

In math 2 I did a reprise of last years Subversive Lab Groupings and Venn Diagram activities, with the added bonus of Avery’s suggestion to have the kids Venn up the lab grouping cards at the end. Brilliant! The flow of the lesson went much better and I didn’t have to fill too much time talking at them about class logistics.

All in all, it was a good day.



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