Accountability Structures

Hello Fellow Partners in Crime,

I have been busy telling my colleagues, my Academic Dean, and now you that I will be experimenting with INB’s this school year. I’m planning on using them in Math 1–which I am solo-teaching this year, so every student in that class will have the same experience provided that I follow through with my plan.all y'all

This is where all y’all come in: I’m telling you about it so that I have to follow through.

Whatever help you can provide, whatever noodging you can give me, whatever encouragement you want to share, whatever questions you want to ask–go for it. Make sure I am accountable.

Thanks in advance.

2 thoughts on “Accountability Structures

  1. I used INBs last year for the first time and I loved them! The only big unexpected issue was the glue. Teach the kids how you want them to glue. Better yet, draw circles on the corners of the page where you want them to glue. Sixth graders seem to think that in order for glue to work properly, it must be painted on like frosting on a cake.

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