Today at morning meeting, during meditation (yes–we meditate at my school), the person leading meditation gave us a gratitude reflection. Apparently Fridays are gratitude meditation days–who knew? In any event, today’s prompt was to think about the teachers who we felt gratitude for and to think about them and all they did and do for us each day. I immediately (because I am super-snarky) leaned over to the teacher sitting next to me and whispered, “This is awkward.” But then I closed my eyes and participated.

At first I thought about one of my college professors. And then I tried to think back to a few of my high school teachers. And then I thought about some of my colleagues, who help me learn and grow now.

And then, thinking about who helps me learn and grow in my current teaching-life, I naturally shifted focus to the MTBoS.

To you.

So, having been prompted, and having felt grateful, I want to share my gratitude with all of you who share your classrooms with me, who give me great lesson ideas, who help me reflect on my own teaching and who push me to become a better teacher for my students simply by being your awesome selves.

Thank you.

I am grateful.

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