Algebra Makes Anything Alright

Now, of course, I know that if the people you’re going to kill have done some killing themselves, you can do a little algebra and make it right to kill them. I don’t know how the algebra works, and I don’t want to, because once you grasp the fact of the algebra it becomes so much harder to believe in things.

N. O’Bryan

This was written by a former student at my school. In a fiction piece, I’d like to add. I meant to ask him for permission to post this, but I didn’t and now he is long gone and I can’t. So…oops?

I don’t think that he is commenting on algebra and how it makes people into bloodthirsty killers. I hope not.



PS: I consulted several grammar style guides about the usage of “alright” and, although I have some misgivings, I am going to leave the title as is.

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