Tales From the Twitter Haus

I’m going to start off this post with a confession: I am addicted to advice columns. I love ’em! It all started with reading the daily Dear Abby column when I was growing up, but it has become much more than that. Ask Amy, Carolyn Hax, Miss Manners, Savage Love, Social Q’s…

Can’t. Get. Enough.

All this is to set up a premise: Oftentimes people write in about dating questions. In this era, some non-trivial percentage of those questions will be about online dating. Now, I have never done the online dating thing (met Avery at PCMI–or “math camp” as we explain it to non-math teacher friends) but I have met a fair number of people online and then gone on to meet them IRL.

…or, y’know, to share a rental house with them for a week.

So far, no axe murderers!

(though I’m still not 100% convinced about Hedge…)

There actually aren’t any amazing stories from the Twitter Haus in NOLA–we were hardly ever there except to sleep. All conferencing, all the time! That’s how we roll.

And a little eating, and drinking, and trivia night-ing…but who’s counting?

One thought on “Tales From the Twitter Haus

  1. One of these days I will make plans to go to some event where I can meet up with MTBoS folks. I have met a scant few of the folks in person that I follow on Twitter. I had it in my mind that I would try to attend TMC this year, but by the time I actually took time to think about it, it was already full. Boo.

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