A Call For Answers!

I sent out a couple of tweets yesterday asking for your assistance:

You see, I was asked to be the high school teacher-speaker at an MSRI workshop.

The 2014 CIME workshop will focus on the role played by mathematics departments in preparing future teachers.  As part of this focus, the workshop will consider two broad questions: What mathematics should teachers know, and how should they come to know this mathematics?

Harvey Mudd professor, creator of morning problem sets at PCMI, and all-around awesome person,  Darryl, asked me to think about the following questions,

“Do you have any thoughts on the connection between the mathematical preparation that you had in college and the mathematical skills and knowledge that you need now as a teacher?  In what ways were you prepared well, and in what ways not? What could we do better?”

and I was intrigued enough by these questions to say “yes” and commit to giving a little presentation.

I’ve been thinking over the past couple of weeks about the “lessons” I learned in my college math classes and how they impacted me in my work as a math teacher. So far I’ve come up with this list of things I learned:

  1. I don’t hate math.
  2. Math is supposed to make sense–even when math doesn’t make sense, it makes sense.
  3. Seemingly different ideas in math are connected, often strongly & deeply.

Which I will flesh out more fully when I write my talky-thing, of course.

So what I need from you is your answer(s) to the question:

How did your math courses/major prepare you for teaching?

Comment here, send me a DM (or a regularM) on twitter, email me using the comment form below, hire a sky-writer, send off a carrier pigeon, whatever. Just get me the goods (pretty please).

3 thoughts on “A Call For Answers!

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