This is possibly my favorite meme on the interwebs these days. Nothing else expresses the sheer bewilderment, confounded-ness and exasperation that sometimes plagues our day-to-day life as teachers, working with people whose frontal lobes are not yet fully formed.

Take today, for instance.

The curtain rises on a math classroom, bustling energetically with fresh-faced junior and senior students. The happy children begin to work at their whiteboards, thinking industriously about intriguing topological problems involving the product of two surfaces.

The camera pulls in to our protagonist, crouched over her school-issued laptop. She clicks away for a moment, recording the attendance for the day–all present and on time.

Then, behind her, over-enthusiastic laughter abounds. The teacher arises, then turns around to see Student 1 holding up his shirt to partially expose his chest as Student 2 looks on, with Students 3 & 4 observing from the background.

Our teacher’s jaw drops to the floor.

T: I don’t even want to ask…

S1 (with an enthusiastic grin): S2 pinched my nipple!


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