More Projects, Please

Over the course of the 2012-2013 school year I have done a bunch of projects. Some I have already blogged about, and several I have not, because, well…I haven’t been blogging.

Side Note: What’s up with that, anyways? I have had a really off-year for all things writing-related. I haven’t been blogging; I haven’t been writing fiction. I guess it’s been a bit of a reset year. Hoping to use the summer to get things back on track… End Side Note.

But it has been a good year for doing projects with my classes. I’ve done several different projects in two of the three classes I taught this year. And we did one end-of-the-year research project with the third class. Here’s a run-down of my projects from the year:

Patterns Project

Overview: This was a unit assessment on the various patterns we’ve studied in our first month or so at school. We’ve looked at linear, exponential and power patterns, as well as a few wonky “other” patterns. While looking at these patterns, we’ve figured out how to represent them in a variety of ways: in verbal, numerical, tabular and graphical forms, as well as in equations.

Transformations Project

I blogged out the link to my handout for this project, but I never showed you the excellent pictures of student work I collected.

Mini-Feltron Project

Highlight: When we got back the next week, every single student had done the assignment–including the student who had been absent the Friday before. Totally a-MAY-zing!

Trig Project

This was a fun project. I took a few problems we already had written up, and then I STOLE the “Which street is the crooked-est?” problem from Prime Factor’s blog (who got it from Ron Lancaster’s 2012 NCTM talk). I think this was the first assignment of the year where I was so pleased with the quality of student work that I asked some students if I could keep their papers.

GSP Project

From a student reflection: “In the process of working on this project, I was always curious about finding out new discoveries. Once I came across these discoveries, I was eager to learn more. I put in a lot of time and effort and I was diligent throughout the project.”


All in all, I feel like each of the projects I’ve done this year has been a success. This is not to say that I won’t change them up for next year and make tweaks and such. But this is a good foundation on which to build.

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