Made For Math #4

Today certainly didn’t feel like a Monday, since I was working from home. It is the middle of the term, which means midterm comments are heading out. Which means I have to write said comments. I spent all day Thursday, and all day Friday in conferences with the freshmen and new transfer students to give them their midterm reports. But all of the other students get written narrative feedback. Theoretically this system is supposed to even out, with those teachers having more freshmen needed to write fewer comments and vice versa. Well, that didn’t work out quite so well in my case. 27 conferences and 29 comments. Bleck.

In any event, since I was busy writing comments all day today, I decided that it would also be the perfect time to use my new groupon to order personalized business cards a la Sam Shah. I mean, it’s not like I had anything better to do, right?

And thus, today’s

I loved Sam’s idea to make business cards for school. Little messages that you could hand to a kid. It took me a while to figure out what messages I wanted to say. Then I realized I could just use all the little things I was writing over and over in my comments to students. I keep telling students that I want to hear their voices more. Voila:

Or that I want them to take some risks:

And the generic “you done good”:

I also just stole some directly from Sam:


I also made some stickers, and sticky notes, and address labels, and regular business cards with, like, my name and email address and stuff on them. Here’s a few of my stickers:

It was lots of fun, and between the groupon and the current sale on the site, I only spent about 30 bucks.

3 thoughts on “Made For Math #4

  1. Your idea is amazing…and inspirational to me. I could make some stickers and I’ll bet 8th graders would really love them. I may borrow your idea for my own classroom…and hopefully come up with some neat additions of my own. thanks.

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