Made For Math #3

Okay, this is really like #527 of the Made4Math series, I just don’t contribute every week. So there.

Technically this is not something I made for my class or my classroom. But @druinok and @cheesemonkeysf convinced me that my project would inevitably be subverted into school-use form. I believe their exact words were:

With such strong endorsement, how could I not share my latest sewing project with you?

The reason I was inspired to make this bag was that I have been doing a lot of fun activities either during my planning period (we’re on 80 min blocks) or after school that involve needing some form of athletic wear. Swimming, yoga, rock climbing. And I have been carrying my gear back and forth to school on a fairly regular basis. Some stuff I was able to keep in my office (swimsuit, etc.), some I already have dedicated a bag for (climbing harness & shoes), but other gear I was stuffing into a little paper shopping bag…which ripped. So, I needed a bag to carry my workout clothes in, and I didn’t want to use my backpack every day, and I especially didn’t want to use one of the 15-thousand free math conference bags that are sitting forlornly in our donate-to-Goodwill box. I also didn’t want to buy a new bag.

So, I decided to make one. Ta da!

I had a bunch of fabric in my sewing box, and this is what I came up with. Yes, those are Scottish Terriers in the print on the side panels. It’s just three pieces: the two side panels and a long piece that wraps around. I sewed on some wide ribbon for the straps. The best part–it’s reversible!

So now my workout clothes will have a place to travel to and from school (and the gym, I guess) in style.


And, lest you think I make nothing for my actual class, here is an assessment I created for our first unit on patterns and sequences:

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