Made For Math #2: My Classrooms

Here it goes–my second Made for Math contribution. Classroom Edition.

Last week I shared the posters that I made for the Decorating Challenge our deans encouraged us to participate in. This week, here they are in one of their places of honor up on the math classroom walls. There are two sets of Habits of Mind posters in each classroom. For the most part, I decorated two of the four math classrooms and another group of teachers decorated a third one. The final classroom didn’t get decorated, because it still needed to get its whiteboards installed. Hopefully that happens sometime before school starts tomorrow!

I also mentioned how we planned on putting irrational numbers up around the walls. Here are some pictures of those. The idea is that kids will be less likely to put their feet up on the walls as they work. I’m skeptical as to how effective these will be, but the color they add to the room is great. The blue strip goes all the way around the room. I ran out of green in the other room after covering three walls, but the remaining wall doesn’t have any whiteboards on it, so I decided that it was okay.

And then, some more math posters and xkcd comics to round things out. It may not be much, but it’s infinitely better than what was there before…absolutely nothing.

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