Made For Math

I am very excited to be submitting my first Made4Math post!

Between travelling for half of the summer, starting (over) at my new-old school, and knowing I wouldn’t have a classroom to call my own I haven’t had any projects to share.


This year, during our pre-orientation faculty week the deans threw down a challenge and competition to decorate the bare, white walls of our classrooms so that they would look somewhat, y’know, welcoming when students arrived. Each discipline team (department) was asked to decorate the classrooms that they use most often, so the math team is in charge of four rooms.

We have decided to theme the rooms based on irrational numbers. We’re putting up decimal expansions of numbers like φ and e around the base of the room (so students hopefully won’t put their feet up on the walls while they work on the whiteboards). The team also decided to post the Habits of Mind they came up with last June, and I decided to make them into fancy posters.

I had to bug @druinok for the link to the Font-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, but then it was just a matter of making the posters in word. The hardest part was figuring out how to turn the .docx into a .pdf, since I’ve been using a mac all year long (so easy!). But I discovered that in the new windows, you can just select “save file as” and there is an option to save your document as a pdf. This is a wonderful factoid to have obtained. Normally, I would just dropbox my files, but I didn’t have the Font-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named on my school laptop, so I needed it as a pdf.

Anyways, here they are:

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