Today Is My Birthday

…and I’m gonna have a good time.

Don’t have much in the way of plans for today. I’m going to relax and enjoy my day. Cuddle with my cat and finish my book. Avery is making me some fancy-schmancy cake from the Baking with Julia cookbook. That should provide some entertainment when he gets out the Mylar sheeting. Seriously. This cake requires Mylar.


I had a student this past school year who literally every day at the start of class wished me, “Happy Birthday, Bree!” This went on for months. I told him that he’d never get it right, told him I had a summer birthday, told him it was July 8th. Didn’t stop him. I’m not sure exactly why he finally stopped wishing me happy birthday each and every day. He switched to something else though.

Should I, through some strange fluke of coincidences, run into him today, I will be sure to let him know: TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!


And, just because it’s fabulous, this is my (early) birthday present to myself:

This purse replaces the one I left on the plane on New Year’s. Only took me 6 months to get myself a new one!

For sizing purposes, note that it is big enough to hold a book, my crochet project and various necessities. It is not, however, large enough to hold a stack of papers to be graded.

That was completely intentional.

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