Why I Would Have Loved KA

I’m stealing this idea from a post by Dan Meyer that I recall from way-back-when.

Actually, I lied. I wouldn’t have loved Khan Academy when I was a student. I would have found his videos boring and pointless. I already know this! I would whine. It’s just the same stuff my teacher already told me.

Yes, the amazing pedagogical content of KA’s videos is exactly the same stuff I remember getting from my math teachers. Lecture, lecture, and more lecture, with maybe a little time at the end of class to start on the homework assignment.

I can’t watch his stuff now either. I can get 2-3 minutes through a KA (or a KA video with commentary) video before I have to turn it off. I just can’t take it.

And I don’t relate to the student who asks, “Change in time? How is that the same as time? Is it the same? Why?” I would never have asked that question when I was in high school physics.

“Duh—obviously they are the same,” 12th-grade Bree would say (though she would have been nicer about how she phrased this—she wasn’t a jerk).

When I was in high school, it never would have occurred to me to question that fact.


And that is exactly where my education failed me.

One thought on “Why I Would Have Loved KA

  1. “I just can’t take it” made me smile because that’s exactly how I feel about some of the KA videos. My normal answer when people ask why I want to be a teacher is because I want to undo the bad that was done to me. We’re on a mission, Bree!

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