From the Mouths of Teens

I was honored to have a couple of my students give a speech on my behalf at the 8th grade “Reflections” dinner two nights before graduation this year. I am sharing their words, not to brag, but to show you how amazing the students are who I got to teach this year:

Bree, from the minute you stepped into this school, you have been a great addition to the [My School] family. You have helped us grow as math students and maintained some beloved traditions in math class, like brainteasers on Wednesdays, reading on Mondays, and Friday math news. You’ve made us feel comfortable and confident in class.

You have helped us in and out of the classroom countless times and sacrificed your free time to help us learn and excel. When I’m in class I know that if I have a question it won’t go unanswered. Not only do you respond to our emails over the weekend, but you knit dodecahedrons. Our eighth grade year wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Thank you for a great year.

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