Strong Women, Proud Women*

I was happy to see–and participate in–the great discussion about gender in math education and in particular, math education blogging over on Dan’s post on Gender Bias in 101qs. As a graduate of a women’s college, I’m always up for a civil, thoughtful discussion of gender issues. And this definitely achieved both criteria.

A fellow commenter, Johanna, kindly asked me to share some of the names/links to female bloggers that I know. And so I did. Though I wasn’t quite as quick to get mine up as Sue VanHattum. She  also put together her list. Between the two of them, there are a myriad of cool blogs to check out.

List of Female Math Bloggers that I know of:

If said blogger also tweets (again, that I know of…) I have linked to their twitter profile–click on their name. In each case I have included the full name that is publicly listed, either on a blog or on a twitter profile. If your tweets are locked, I did not include a link to your profile.

If you are on this list and would like me to add/subtract identifying information, let me know and I will make those changes! If you are not on this list (and you are a female blogger/twitterer of the mathematical teaching persuasion) let me know and I will add you to the page with a hearty welcome!

Caveat: I’m not sure that all of these blogs are currently active. I have included the date of the last post for this reason.

*For those of you who recognize that the final phrase in this quotation is “Mills women,” congratulations. You win the prize. [NB: There is no actual prize.]

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