Radio Silence

I’m sitting in my living room, staring off into space, thinking about what I want to write. The words just aren’t coming. I don’t know what it is about this school year, but I find myself with little to say. I have been lurking on twitter, reading other peoples’ blog posts, but not contributing much to the dialogue.

I’m trying to unpack just why that is. When I get together with other math teachers (or science teachers–Hi Jason!) I have plenty to say. I feel like an active participant in the conversations that are occurring. Why is it that I feel like I have nothing to say in the online conversations that are happening every day?

Last year I was trying out SBG and so I was thinking about that a lot. This year I am pushing myself in ways that lie outside of my daily practice. I am speaking at three different conferences, but in the classroom, I am not doing anything that is really new for me. Which is probably why I find myself logging on to my blog and then leaving without typing a word. However, that should change for the better in the next few weeks.

I will be giving my first talk in the beginning of December, so sometime in between now and then I will need to think through exactly what I plan on doing. And I would like to share what I do with those of you who won’t be at Asilomar this year.

And then in January, Geetha and I will be co-facilitating a workshop at the Creating Balance conference in SF. We are going to be talking about status in the math classroom. That one should have me thinking about all kinds of deep ideas.

And finally, I will be speaking at NCTM in Philly this April. The three-ring circus that NCTM can wind up being should be good for at least a post or five.

So, bear with me while I muddle through this bout of writer’s block (which, thankfully, hasn’t been hitting me with regards to my NaNoWriMo novel). I’ll come through it, keyboards a’blazing and knock your socks off. Just wait and see!

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