Starting Over, Again

I admit to some feelings of grumpiness* about this. I don’t like starting over, being the new teacher on the block, year after year (after year). For the love of office supplies, please someone make it stop!

But I do love starting the school year. And getting to know new kids and being excited about that experience. And I am super in love with my new school. After basically a week of new faculty orientation activities, the fact that I can still say that, without hesitation or cynicism, is pretty telling. I am really excited about where I’m at this year. I am happy about working in a middle school–and at a K-8 school, something I’ve never done before. I am thrilled to be team teaching for two months with the amazing math teacher who has been at the school for the past five (?) years. She is a tour de force, for sure. It’s a long handoff as she goes away to have her first child in mid October–or sooner depending on baby, of course.

While I am thrilled and excited about co-teaching, this is something I have never had the opportunity to do before now, so there is also a bit of trepidation surrounding how it will work. We had our first sit-down today and I feel much better about how this will work, despite still not really knowing how this will work. I just know that we’re going to hash things out and make it all work out fabulously. It’s so good to have the skeleton come together. Over summer everything is always so theoretical and ephemeral. It’s hard to envision what will happen when you get down to the business of teaching day-to-day. Having the chance to get started with going over the policies and the curriculum with my co-teacher has gone a long way towards bringing the haze into focus.

Now I just need to figure out how to work the SMART board and learn all my students’ names and I’ll be set for the year.

If anyone has any words of advice about team teaching, let me know in the comments!


*I feel like I should clarify with some background about my grumpiness surrounding the idea of starting over again. I have taught at five different schools in the past five years (not including my student teaching/substitute teaching year–two additional schools). I hate the way that sounds on paper, since I feel like it makes me sound/look like a not-so-good teacher. Truth is all of those schools (w/ the possible exception of one that was clearly not the right fit for me) would have loved to have me back the following year. That’s not always possible though.

I’ve also had the joy and pleasure of moving apartments six times in the past six years…and this year will mark the seventh time, since we’re getting kicked out of our apartment in mid November. I’m MUCH more grumpy about that than about changing schools. Mainly because it’s still up in the air right now as to where/when/how we’ll be doing all of that. My work-life is all settled and I’m in such a great school. It will be nice when my life-life is all settled and I’m in a nice place too. Then I can get back to being my regular, non-grumpy self.

3 thoughts on “Starting Over, Again

    • Thanks for the article recommendation, David. One small, very minor, teesy-weensy issue. I can’t seem to log in to read it. Either my NCTM membership has expired, or I can only see articles from the magazine I subscribe to (Math Teaching in Mid School). But I would love to read it. Do you have a hard copy you could scan and email to me by any chance?

  1. Smart board? As with all technology…practice, practice, practice. There is a light touch that you just need practice to acquire.
    Welcome back to middle school! It’s gonna be great.

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