A Word of Thanks-giving

Last Friday was my last day of school before the Thanksgiving break holiday. It was also the last day of the first trimester at my new school. For both reasons I feel that now is a good opportunity to reflect on my first few months at my new school.

At our Morning Meeting [1]on Friday we did something based on a Quaker practice. We sat in silence for two minutes, then people who wanted to stood up, one by one, and made a short statement about something he/she felt grateful for. One student said she was thankful that she got to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge every day. Another student said he was grateful for snow.  A lot of people thanked their teachers and their classmates in really meaningful, specific ways. Students were extraordinarily respectful of one another and of the process. The whole experience touched my heart.

As I think about my time teaching so far this year I am grateful that I have found such an amazing school. I have been welcomed, supported and feel like I truly belong as part of this community. I feel like a square peg that has finally found its square hole.

I feel the same way about the online community into which you all have welcomed me. So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks. You guys rock.

And as a way to pass along the spirit of our Morning Meeting, if you are so moved, feel free to leave a comment about something that you feel grateful for.

[1] Morning Meeting is something we do every day except for Wednesdays. The whole school meets in the Great Room and someone gives a short talk, we usually meditate for a minute or two and then we have time for announcements, which any person present can give (students do them most frequently). As Jason says, it’s one of the things that makes us weird unique.

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