NaNo Update: One Week Down

Hello all. I have emerged from my novel-writing isolation chamber, where I have been locked up the past week, to give a status report.

I haven’t gone completely batty. More importantly, I haven’t given up–I’m still writing. Currently I’m at 10,009 words!

I am a little behind pace. There was this backpacking trip I went on over the weekend with the Outing Club from my school and for some strange reason there was no wifi at our campsite, so I couldn’t update my word count. Had to write stuff out long-hand and type it up when I got home. Not the most efficient way of doing things. Now that I’m back in techno-land I’m hoping to get caught up. My goal is to be at 20,000 words by the end of the week. It will be brutal–about 2,000 words each day. But the bar graph on my stats page is driving me nuts! You can see my NaNo stats here, if you so desire: You can also read the (hurriedly written) description of my novel found under the Novel Info tab.


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