Blog Re-organization

This post is not about math, teaching, or anything remotely akin to either of those things. It is simply information about how I am going to post my fiction writing pieces. If you don’t care about this, delete this from your reader now.

Still reading?

I have recently restructured my little blog. It seems that most readers are interested in the teaching and math-y things I’m writing (which appears to be most of what I’m writing). An unforseen side effect of this has been that it makes me hesitant to post my fiction and creative non-fiction pieces because people might feel that that’s not what they came here for. Boo-effing-hoo. But I have arrived at a solution. From here on out every short story or other writings that I post will get it’s own page! So, if you’re interested in reading those (Hi Dad!) you can find them on the page tabs. If you’re not interested, don’t tell me about it, just ignore.

One thought on “Blog Re-organization

  1. I should read people’s “about” pages more often – I didn’t realize you were a writer as well as a math teacher! Very cool. I’ll try to remember to read your fiction as well as your blog posts, and I would love to hear more about the connections you see between creative writing and math teaching. 🙂

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