Back In The Saddle

Yesterday was my first day at work. We have two days of newbie orientation–today being the second day. While I can’t say that orientation is any fun…I’m excited about being back at my new school.

I got to see my office. My bare, empty, white walled office. Suprising, since I actually share it with two other people. It’s not really empty, but the white wall thing is a major issue that will have to be dealt with ASAP.

And I got my computer. Windows 7, baby. Oooh! and I learned about Dropbox, which if you don’t know about it will change your life–and it’s free! So. What it is is an online data backup system, which you can access from any computer via the interwebs. Just download it, then drag your files into it (or save to dropbox) and you can open them and edit them from any other computer either by downloading Dropbox to that computer or by going on the world wide webs. This will save my life at some point many times this year. I’m one of those people with three different versions of the same file–one on my school computer, one at home and one on my flash drive. Can you sense my excitement? This is a program I would cut a fingertip off for.

And my favorite part: lunch. As a teacher, we get to eat the amazingly, astonishingly incredible lunches that are provided to the students. I’m being serious here, I’m not sarcasymptote. We’re talking organic, locally grown/produced food–I do teach in California. There is nothing I am more excited about (except maybe meeting my students–it’s a close one) than the prospect of not having to bring my damn lunch every day. I’m in heaven. This is the life.

Okay. Gotta go now. I’ve got to get myself to work.

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