Hi Honey, I’m Home

I just got back last night from a week-plus adventure that took me and the BF through: 2 different states (Oregon & California, in case you were wondering), 4 National Parks/Monuments, n>4 National Forests, 5 campgrounds, 1 Bed & Breakfast (for my birthday–isn’t my BF great?), and a grand total of 10 campfires, 7 of which used no more than one match.  Yes, I lit a fire with zero matches. I am that amazing.

I find it somewhat bizarre that, while surrounded by some of the incredible natural beauty our country has to offer, my mind has a tendency to drift to topics related to school/work. Why is that? Though, in all honesty, my mind has a tendency to bounce around seemingly randomly in a wide range of topics, only some of which happen to be school-related.

One thing that did make sense, in my hiking-trail musings, was the thought about one super-cool aspect of my new job. I will be helping out with the outdoor program. It’s written in my contract and everything. Now, I’m not exactly sure what this means, not exactly sure who else I’ll be working with, or how often we’ll go on trips, or where we’ll go, how involved the trips will be, etc. All I know is that I get to go on fun trips and get paid for it. Yippee!

I feel like I learn so much when I’m out camping and hiking. I learn about geology, biology, ecology, history, not to mention all the things I learn about what I’m capable of doing both physically and mentally. At home, I could care less about identifying different types of trees, but when I’m out hiking I want to know what I’m seeing. It’s like learning anything: when you’re immersed in the context the information means something to you and so you crave it more. I’m excited about getting to share these types of experiences with students. As well as getting to know students outside of the typical classroom environment. I know that this is going to be a great way to connect with students.

And maybe I’ll even get to go back and do some of those hikes that were closed because of snow. 🙂


This is totally what I meant! Imagine the bikini-clad writer lying on the towel wearing hiking boots and a baseball cap and you’ll get a good idea of my affliction.

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